Advocacy work by Max MacKenzie

Frequently Resilience Enterprises receives requests in relation to advocacy related questions. Please refer to the attached links in relation to advocacy requests and FAQ

Our values are as follows.

Advocacy is person centred and grows from a passion. However, to have a longevity in the advocacy life then the work needs to be both personally and professionally valued by those who engage with advocates.

Our ethos is simple

“demonstrate value for those who fight for change”

When engaging with us or through us to link in with advocates, please be able to articulate

How you will demonstrate through your actions, financially and emotionally, your support for the advocates you are requesting contact with

That you have an understanding of the professional and personal sacrifices of time and a knowledge of the expertise of lived experience both in the short and long term

What you in turn will contribute to further some of the causes that activists spend so much of their time fighting for.

This helps us to assist you in articulating what your requirements are and how you can assist and support the advocates who support you. Resilience Enterprises values and promotes assisting in person centred advocacy that is free from tokenistic gestures or sensationalistic overtures and recognises both the demands in the shorter and longer term for advocates time and energy.

Advocacy in the Community