Ange and Max, hanging out

Resilience- A co-founders' Journey

Once, there was two people, Max and Ange. 

Both of them had been through the school of life. Life wasn’t easy for either of them for different reasons. 

Max, because of who he was, and what he had to do to get to be the man he is today. Ange, because she was born at a time when life wasn’t easy for women who were different, and later navigating disability. They became mates, and navigated the next 14 years together as friends. 

Max had always had a dream to found and create a business where he could use the knowledge he had gained in his career, to help people in innovative ways. Ange, in the later stages of her life and career,  made it her mission to assist Max in that dream. They succeeded. 

It started with two lap tops in a lounge room, grew from strength to strength, and has since grown to the business you see today, which alongside their current committed team, has won awards for contemporary practice in disability support, and continues to break new frontiers in Positive behaviour support and training and education. 

Ange has now passed on, but her role as co founder will not be forgotten and her values continue to shape and form some of the business we work in today. 

– Max Mackenzie