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Find out how the Office of the Public Guardian supports people who cannot make their own personal and health care decisions due to a range of conditions, including intellectual disability, psychiatric disability, dementia, or an acquired brain injury. Find out more at

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ADA AUSTRALIA's page on Supporting Financial Decisions says:

People living with intellectual disability can face barriers as consumers when wanting to improve their own money skills and make independent financial decisions. Even though these individuals have the same financial rights as others, they often are not encouraged to improve their financial capability.

Video resources have been developed by ADA Australia (supported by Ecstra Foundation) to address this issue. The short video resources Supporting Financial Decisions offer those living with intellectual disability and their supporters a way to help learn about rights and the responsibilities involved in supported decision-making processes.

The Supporting Financial Decisions’ videos can help educate the community about:

  • The rights of individuals who need support
  • The responsibilities of financial supporters
  • Real stories of people who have become more financially independent
  • How to find services that provide other resources to develop money skills

Click through to the full resource including videos.