Training and Education

People want to live their best version of their life

This fundamentally simple statement is the basis of the values held at Resilience Enterprises.

Living your truth, in your reality, is a fundamental principle from wherever you are starting.

Resilience enterprises focuses on training which places people first. People before power point. Training packages are designed to be flexible, human oriented and recognise that for many professionals, that training is best suited to build on existing knowledge and skill sets. We design our packages built on your needs identified through your organisation.

Resilience Enterprises focuses on training and development workshops which are cutting edge, and focussed on future visioning. We come from an ethos of intersectionality, (a recognition that all the various factors of our lives shape what we know) and recognise this both in the work we teach and the principles that underline them.

Please follow our workshop and training calendar for future workshops in your area and or contact us for personalised training, education and or development packages quotes for your organisation.

Speciality areas in design and assessment include but are not limited to:

  • LGBTI work and intersectionality
  • Stages of change and organisational review
  • Practical approaches to managing trauma and recovery
  • Diverse lifestyle choices
  • Themes in emergent generalised allied health practice

If you have a specific designing training idea we can build the package for you. Because our underlying ethos and skill set is built on generalist practice skills, we will access the specialist knowledge you require and build a package that suits your needs.

Resilience Training